Since divisional realignment in the NFL in 2002, 18 teams have made the jump from finishing last place in their division, to first place the next season.

It’s never happened in the NFC West.

There have been 128 teams that have had the chance to make the jump from worst to first and only 14% of teams have actually accomplished the feat.

The Cardinals hope that a high-volume roster turnover, including a new quarterback, will do the trick.

The good news for the Cardinals is that at least one team in the NFL has made the worst-to-first jump every season except for 2014.

There have been three seasons where two teams made the jump.

Eleven of the 18 teams have been out of the NFC. It has never happened in the AFC East, either.

However, another mitigating factor for Arizona is that no team that has taken the No. 1 overall draft pick from the previous offseason and improved that high in the standings.