In a display of extreme patriotism, or endurance, or stubbornness, or whatever you want to call it… Diamondbacks pitcher Robbie Ray went toe-to-toe with Giants pitcher Sam Dyson in a post-national anthem standoff to start the game on Sunday.

The standoff slightly delayed the series finale and was the focal point of the Fox Sports Arizona broadcast for about a minute.

Ray defiantly raised his two fists, celebrating himself the winner of the unofficial competition as he headed back to the dugout.

Video evidence showed inconclusive evidence to overturn the decision, as it was a slim margin of victory either way regardless off who outlasted the other.

Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval was clearly amused, jumping into the picture as a late entry to the contest. He did not last long as Ray and Dyson held firm to their respective positions.

Umpires were not quite as amused as they angrily sent the two committed contestants back to their dugouts to start the baseball game.

Regardless of the outcome of the standoff, we can all learn something on the determination and dedication of the two veteran, professional baseball throwers.

Hats off to both of you two, obviously.