Should you let your kid play football?

american football pros and cons

Without a doubt, there are undeniable pros and cons to playing football. There are major factors parents and school advisors need to consider before sending their children or students off to the field in their custom football jerseys ready to touch and tackle.

Football Pros

One of the more obvious pros of football is the athletic feature. Any activity that gets your child moving and working the body will improve your child’s overall health. Football involves a variety of intensive training which strengthens both the body and the mind. The players participate in long distance running, sprints and sometimes weight lifting.

Football, like any sport, requires a lot of discipline. If your child cares about their performance and their team’s victory they will do whatever it takes to succeed. A football team doesn’t succeed by just showing up to the game and playing their best, but they have expectations from their coach and their teammates which they feel the need to fulfill. This positive social pressure encourages the students to be focused and reliable when it comes to what they care about. This discipline will undoubtedly spill over into other categories in their lives.

And lastly, football is one of the most valued sports in the United States. This love of football brings the team and the school community together. Imagine a team and their fans all wearing their custom football jerseys and cheering on their team to victory. This sense of unity and excitement encourages teamwork, leadership and a sense of community for the students and families.

Football Cons

Now, onto the ugly stuff, the injuries. It’s no secret that playing football is a dangerous sport and can lead to many injuries, from a black eye to Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). There are even unfortunate events where a football game has led to death.

The force of a tackle can lead to several head injuries and concussions. CTE is a degenerative disease which is mostly an outcome of serious and numerous head injuries. Some of the most common CTE symptoms include depression, memory loss and dementia.

This is why it’s important to start training the students into safe tackling. The rules from little league all the way to the NFL are changing because the growing risks are undeniable, and the cases against football have been increasingly more severe. It’s always important to stay educated and stay safe!

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