Zion National Park is riding the Zion wave

Zion is trending on Twitter this Tuesday morning.

If you seriously don’t know why, it’s because Zion Williamson is a basketball child-God who attended Duke University, and one professional hoop team will learn Tuesday it has earned the top overall pick in the NBA Draft, thus giving it the ability to draft Williamson (or they can not draft him and be ridiculed by everyone).

Anyway, that’s why Zion is trending. Fanbases want Zion, but the previous context discussed here in this article apparently is also good news for Zion National Park in Utah.

Here is where we get some fun sports-outdoors Twitter crossover.

This tweet also became a place where we get some friction between the sport folk who just don’t care about the national parks.

And remember, if you are ever tweeting at one of the majestic Zions, just be careful you get your message out to the correct one, unlike less-than majestic basketball dude Carlos Boozer, who tweeted at the wrong Zion back in February after Williamson injured his knee.