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  • Available in YXS – A4XL.
  • Smooth surface medium weight polyester fleece.
  • Set in sleeve or raglan cut sleeve options.
  • Elastic cuff sleeve and bottoms.
  • Drawstring hood a front pouch pocket.


  • Available in YXS – A4XL.
  • Smooth surface medium weight polyester fleece.
  • Set in sleeve or raglan cut sleeve options.
  • Elastic cuff sleeve and bottoms.
  • Drawstring hood a front pouch pocket.


  • Available in YXS – A4XL.
  • Smooth surface medium weight polyester fleece.
  • Set in sleeve or raglan cut sleeve options.
  • Elastic cuff sleeve and bottoms.
  • Drawstring hood a front pouch pocket.


  • We carry all sizes from YXS to A5XL.
  • All our basketball team apparel is made from a high-quality smooth-surface medium-weight polyester fleece.
  • You can choose whether you want your basketball team apparel to have set-in sleeves or raglan-cute sleeves.
  • Our apparel has a drawstring hood and a front pouch pocket for you to keep your belonging on the go.
  • All team apparel options come with elastic cuff sleeves and bottoms.


  • Available in YXXS — A5XL
  • Sublimated Crew Baseball Jerseys is made from either 100% smooth surface microfiber interlock or birdsey flatback mesh (you choose!)
  • Available with set-in or raglan-cut sleeves
  • Ready to ship in three to four weeks

Custom Tennis Shirts

  • Full color custom tennis shirts designed for  you.
  • Mens & Ladies shirts styles available
  • Tank top, racerbacks, sleeveless, crew, v-neck and polo styles to chose from
  • Individual names added to our tennis shirts at no extra cost
  • Our designs will never fade or peel off.
  • Ready to ship in 3-4 weeks
  • 12 piece minimum order

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Lowest Prices

Our prices on uniforms are usually half the price you will find anywhere else on the market.

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2-3 Week Turnaround

We will fill your full custom orders in 2-3 weeks.Most of our competitors are 4-5 weeks or longer.

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Completely Customizable

Every inch of our uniforms is customizable. You can get any design you want at no extra cost.

Sublimated Sports Uniforms brings you the Perfect Custom Sports Uniforms for You!

Before delving into what makes for the perfect sublimated sports uniforms, it’s important to have a clue as to what exactly sublimated sports uniforms are and how they are made.

What Are Custom Sports Uniforms ?
Sublimated sports uniforms are uniforms made through a process called sublimation. Sublimation involves conveying dye to a fabric through a heat press machine. Not to bore you with the process, sublimation printing is the new wave in the world of printing uniforms, especially sublimated sports uniforms. Its perfection in delivery and outlook has made it the preferred printing technique. The sheer elegance it emits fits perfectly as the ideal wear for athletes and supporters in modern sports.
Finding the Perfect Sublimated Sports Uniforms

Even with the diversity in background, race, and culture, one thing that binds Americans together is sports. From basketball to baseball, down to hockey and football, an average American is a fan of at least one type of sport. Even soccer has become increasingly popular among sports fans. One way supporters show their love for whichever sports they love is by getting jerseys of their various sports franchises and players. This is why we have a line of sublimated sports uniforms specially made for different sports teams and loyal sports fans.

So, whether your dream is to coach the next winning team or become the next Lebron James or Tom Brady or you want to cheer your team on at the stands, getting sublimated sports uniforms will let you feel the game even more. Sublimated sports uniforms play a big role in raising the confidence level of an amateur team and depicts team unity. Team players lined up, wearing custom uniforms get to feel what it’s like to be professionals and can also serve to knock some fear into the opponents, given how serious and ready it makes them look.

We have an array of sublimated uniforms perfect for sports teams, schools and even parents who have kids with an avid interest in sports. A kid who idolizes baseball would treasure a baseball jersey as a Christmas present or birthday gift. We offer high-quality sublimated sports uniforms made with the very best materials. We employ the afore-mentioned sublimation printing technique in manufacturing all of our uniforms. This is exactly why our uniforms are characterized by their vibrant colors, sophisticated looks and durability, even after a plethora of washes. So, we do not just offer classy sublimated uniforms; they are also undeniably topnotch in terms of quality.

Purchasing custom sublimated sports uniforms goes a long way in showing your love for the game. For sports teams and coaches whose primary concern has been getting the players’ heads in the game, getting these custom uniforms might contribute a great deal to that. Wearing these resplendent uniforms as a team will create an unforgettable sense of brotherhood in the players. It will foster team unity that will in turn, aid their input as individuals and as a team.

Customer satisfaction is essential to us and we are glad to help in any way we can to ensure that you find the perfect sublimated sports uniforms for your team or your family. We have garnered the trust of many of our customers and we are looking forward to having you onboard. You can go through all the available styles and choose which one best fits your needs. In case you have any questions concerning our sublimated sports uniforms or how we operate, our customer support team will be ready to answer your questions. Give us a call at 602.326.4290 Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5:30 pm MST.

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