Full reversible basketball uniform are marking their presence more and more on the court. If before you had a problem keeping track of your team’s practice and game uniform, that problem is gone now. These sublimated reversible basketball uniform sets are the perfect two-in-one outfits for your basketball team.

We give you complete freedom to customize the uniforms as you like. Getting your team’s colors and design into these sublimated uniforms is no problem. On one side of the jersey, you can have your away colors, while on the other have the home colors. Or, if you’d prefer, you can have your practice colors on one side and your game colors on the other. It’s totally up to you!

Our sublimated reversible basketball uniform sets are amazing for two big reasons: they’re comfortable, and they’re professional-looking. You no longer need to choose between being comfortable and looking your best. All fabrics we use are lightweight to give you freedom of movement, soft so they don’t make you itch, and made of breathable material so you can feel fresh all throughout the game.

  • All uniforms are available in both men and women’s cuts.
  • We carry all sizes from YXXS to A5XL.
  • The standard length of our shorts is 9” for youth sizes and 11” for adult sizes. If you need to adjust the length of the shorts, that’s not a problem.
  • All our shorts have a durable and high-quality elastic drawstring waist. This means you can change the fit of the shorts however you’d like, so it’s the perfect fit for you.
  • We only use high-quality fibers from providers we trust. Our single side standard sublimated basketball uniform fabric is made of smooth microfiber interlock or of birdseye flatback mesh.
  • These jerseys are fully reversible and can have a different color or design on each side.

If you’re unhappy with your team’s current uniform or if you don’t even have one, getting a full reversible basketball uniform set for your players is the perfect decision. It matches comfort and style at an affordable price. No matter if your team is all-women or all-men, or if they’re young kids or teenagers, we have all the gear you need.