Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

We specialize in  custom sublimated basketball uniforms that will set your team apart and make them look super professional on the court. Here at Sublimated Sports Uniforms, we create the best custom basketball uniforms at the best price point in the industry. Whether you’re looking for sublimated basketball jerseys, sublimated shooter shirts, or even sublimated reversible basketball uniforms, you’ll find just what you need here.

Basketball is such a fun sport — who doesn’t like it? It’s also a great sport to play with your friends or coworkers after a busy day at school or at work. A great way to make these games even more fun is to get matching custom basketball uniforms for every player. This will easily turn your friendly matches into something much more fun, professional, and cool. Look into the sublimated basketball uniforms options we have up on our site and make a difference.

If you are already part of a more serious and professional team and want to make the matches look even more like the NBA ones you watch on TV, why not invest in sublimated basketball uniforms for the players? Everyone would have their very own unique uniform and could show off their skills in style on the court.

We offer sublimated AAU basketball uniforms for adults who are part of the Amateur Athletic Union. You are guaranteed to look professional and distinguished while playing.

Because kids love playing basketball too, we also offer sublimated basketball uniforms for them. Getting a uniform they like is a great way to make them even more interested and passionate about the game. Our sublimated AAU basketball uniforms for sale can also be customized to fit a child. This way they can go out on the court, give all they have, and look different from the other kids while working as a team.

Besides being super unique and giving you all the creative freedom, our sublimated basketball uniforms are comfortable, durable, and affordable. The material we use on the jerseys, shorts and every other product is perfect to wear while you’re exercising. Your skin can still breathe through the fabric, the products are lightweight so you don’t get weighed down during training and matches, and they age really well without losing its initial look. They’re a great addition to your closet!

We guarantee that you and your team will intimidate your rivals once they see you wearing professional-looking outfits. Just think of all the pictures of the matches and the group team pictures that will be taken where you’ll all look professional and clean! That alone is enough to make purchasing these sublimated basketball uniforms worthwhile and a great investment.

If you have any questions about our products, or if you want to know some more about the dye-sublimation process, you can reach us over the phone at (602) 326-4290 Monday through Friday, 7 am to 5:30 pm Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Lowest Prices
Lowest Prices

Our prices on uniforms are usually half the price you will find anywhere else on the market.

Lowest Prices
2-3 Week Turnaround

We will fill your full custom orders in 2-3 weeks.Most of our competitors are 4-5 weeks or longer.

Lowest Prices
Completely Customizable

Every inch of our uniforms is customizable. You can get any design you want at no extra cost.