How to take care of sublimated basketball uniforms

The best way to stand out on the court is by playing well. We all know this — talent and dedication are the most valuable aspects of playing any sport. But having an impressive and professional-looking sublimated basketball uniforms doesn’t hurt.
For teams and players who are in amateur leagues, getting their very own custom sublimated basketball uniforms could be a great advantage. Not only are they great for your performance (they’re comfortable, let your skin breathe…), but they’re also stylish and look professional. What better way to intimidate any opponents?
But how would you care for sublimated basketball uniforms? Are there any specific instructions on how to wash, dry, and store them? To protect your basketball uniforms, the best thing you can do is handle them properly. This includes knowing how to do all the things mentioned above.
In this article, we’ll teach you, step-by-step, how to take perfect care of your sublimated basketball uniforms. That way, they’ll stay as bright and sharp as they first were for a long time — even after hundreds of washes!

What are sublimated basketball uniforms?

Sublimation is one of the best printing techniques for fabrics out there. We’d even say it’s the best method for printing your custom sports uniforms. The reason why sublimation works really well and outperforms other techniques is the quality of the dye it uses and its printing process.
During the sublimation process, the colors are infused into the fabric of the uniform, instead of placed on top and glued on with special chemicals and heat. When compared to screen printing or to inkjet, sublimation is by far the best.
Sublimated basketball uniforms, therefore, are made using this technique. The end result is stunning. The fabric isn’t heavy because of the dye, it’s not stiff at all, and it lets the skin breathe through it. On top of all this, the colors are vivid, you can choose virtually any design to be printed, and the design will look sharp for a super long time.
Getting sublimated basketball uniforms for your team is a great idea. The fabric is comfortable and enhances team performance. It also gives your team a distinguished look of professionalism — even if you’re part of an amateur team!


Knowing how to wash your sublimated basketball uniforms is crucial. Handling custom jerseys and uniforms correctly is the only way to guarantee they’ll live on for a long time. Therefore, you should always read the manufacturer’s instructions.

When to wash your custom jerseys and uniform

After a long basketball practice, it’s no wonder your uniform smells and that you’ll want to wash it as soon as possible. Luckily, since you own a sublimated uniform, you can do this as often as you need to.
The sublimation process makes basketball jerseys and uniforms resistant to washing cycles. Unlike some other techniques, the dye on sublimated uniforms won’t just wash away or peel. This is great news for you! No matter how often you need to wash your uniform, it won’t lose any of its quality. That is if you do it properly…

How to wash sublimated basketball uniforms

But what if you’ve lost them? Or what if you don’t know how to read the label? Don’t worry, we’ve broken the care steps for you…
The first thing to keep in mind when washing your basketball jerseys and uniforms is to always do it inside out. Before putting your custom jersey in the washing machine, make sure that it is turned inside out.
You should also be aware of the colored/white rule when washing your custom sublimated basketball uniforms. If the uniform is white, don’t wash it with colored pieces. If it’s a colored uniform, keep it separated from the whites.
Next, you’ll want to use the cold-washing or warm-washing features of your machine. Under no circumstances should you wash sublimated uniforms with hot water! This will make them shrink and it will damage the coloring and design of the basketball jerseys.
When choosing your detergent, opt for a mild one. Getting a very aggressive soap could ruin the coloring and design on your uniform. If you can, avoid using a fabric softener on sublimated basketball uniforms.
Lastly, don’t forget to take the uniforms from the washing machine as soon as the cycle is done. Besides it getting a mold-like smell if left in the machine for too long, it may damage the colors of the uniform.


When it comes to drying your sublimated basketball uniforms, there are also rules you should follow. Not drying your uniform properly can do just as much damage as not washing it properly.
The best way to dry your custom basketball jerseys and uniforms is to dry them naturally. This means avoiding the dryer and letting them dry on their own, exposed to the air. To do this, you should take your uniform from the washing machine and hang it on plastic or wooden hangers. Hang the uniform in a place where there’s air circulation and wait some hours, depending on how the weather is where you live.
If you’d rather not wait and use the dryer, do so but carefully. The only settings you should ever use on your machine are “AIR” or a low-heat option. Drying your uniform with high heat can severely damage it after a while. And don’t forget to remove the sublimated uniform from the dryer as soon as the cycle is complete!


Storing sublimated uniforms works just like storing any other piece of clothing. You should only put it away once it’s fully dried. Otherwise, it might develop mold between the fibers and give off a less-than-pleasant smell.
Also, don’t forget to keep your uniform stored in a dry and cool place. This shouldn’t be a problem since virtually all drawers do the job of storing these uniforms well.

What not to do!

As always, there are things you should avoid doing to keep your sublimated uniforms as brand-new as possible. A well-cared-for uniform is one that will last you a long time.
Never, ever, ever wash your sublimated uniforms with hot water or dry them using the high-heat feature of your machine. This will damage your jerseys too much. Following the same logic, you should never iron them. Since the materials used for jerseys are mostly wrinkle-free, you wouldn’t need to iron them either way.
Also, never take your sublimated uniform to the dry cleaners. The processes used in dry cleaning are far too harsh on sublimated uniforms and will do more harm than good.
You should also never use bleach on the uniforms. Just like you wouldn’t use bleach or chlorine on colored clothes, you should follow the same logic when handling sublimated uniforms. This will obviously make the colors fade and make it look a lot less professional and good.
Lastly, always avoid using fabric softener. This can damage the fibers of the jersey and make the dye come off. For a similar reason, avoid overfilling the washing machine.

Where to buy high-quality sublimated basketball uniforms

It’s important to choose a real, high-quality sublimated uniform company to do business with. After all, you want to invest in top-notch material. That’s why you should do your research well.
Here at Sublimated Sports Uniforms, we believe that high-quality custom uniforms don’t have to cost a small fortune. Our skilled sublimation experts know what they’re doing, and they put all their heart into making the perfect sublimated basketball uniforms to sell teams.
You can rely on us for high-quality uniforms at an affordable price. You can get your quote today, all you have to do is call us!

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