Cheerleading Uniforms

Lowest Prices
Lowest Prices

Our prices on uniforms are usually half the price you will find anywhere else on the market.

Lowest Prices
2-3 Week Turnaround

We will fill your full custom orders in 2-3 weeks.Most of our competitors are 4-5 weeks or longer.

Lowest Prices
Completely Customizable

Every inch of our uniforms is customizable. You can get any design you want at no extra cost.

Sublimated Cheerleading Uniforms

If there’s anyone we need to thank for bringing life into even the most boring matches, it’s the cheerleaders. These girls and boys give all they have to cheer up the supporters and the players during the breaks and the game. They are the ones who boost morale even when the team is losing by a lot! For all their hard work and dedication, we’ve decided to come up with a sublimated cheerleading uniforms line. We want to give cheerleaders (both boys and girls) the chance to really express themselves creatively and wear an outfit they designed by themselves! We think this is a good way of saying thank you for giving every game more life.

Cheerleaders that wave their pom-poms in the air to boost the team’s morale can now design their sublimated cheer shells or design their full custom sublimated cheerleading uniforms. This would be a fantastic opportunity to revamp their outfits and end up with ones they actually like and would be thrilled to cheer in. It could even be the way to go if you’re thinking of competing, as we also offer custom all star sublimated cheerleading uniforms.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should invest in these high-quality affordable sublimated cheerleading uniforms, we’ll tell you about some of the advantages. Firstly, they’d be a great replacement for the older sublimated cheerleading uniforms outfit you’re likely wearing. Secondly, it would show everyone that you stand not only with the team but also with the rest of your cheerleading mates. Thirdly, you would have complete artistic freedom, so you could ask your mates how they feel about a different color, or how they feel about a slightly different cut. And lastly, you can go all out and come up with a really intricate design to wear on your uniform if you’re competing at the all-star cheerleading game — it will make you stand out and look super professional. There are so many perks to buying our sublimated cheer uniforms, and a lot of those have to do with the quality!

We imprint the personalized artwork and design onto the sublimated cheerleading uniforms and shell by using a cutting-edge technique known as dye-sublimation. This makes it so that the color and look of the original digital artwork is preserved and transferred onto the fabric. Because we only use the best materials in the sublimation process, the fabric will not be stiff or heavy because of the ink. The beauty of this process is that it keeps the fabrics lightweight, soft, and the colors will remain as bright and vivid after hundreds of washes as they were on the first day.

We guarantee that our finished product will be just what you dreamed of. It will be comfortable, will allow your skin to breathe despite all the tumbling and jumping, and it will set you and your cheerleading friends apart from everyone else.

If you have any other questions regarding our cheerleading products, you can always get in touch with us. Our customer support team works Mondays through Fridays, from 7 am to 5:30 pm Mountain Standard Time (MST). They know all about our products and will be more than happy to help. Simply call us at (602) 326-4290 and have your questions answered.