After getting many requests from customers, we came up with a basketball sublimated hooded short sleeve shirt. This is the short sleeve (and summer-ready!) alternative to our best-selling hooded long sleeve basketball shirt. Now, your players can look their best and sport their team’s colors during practice, warmups, and travels before big games!

This basketball sublimated hooded short sleeve shirt is perfect for all teams getting a revamp in order to look professional. With this shirt, comfort and style go hand in hand. You won’t have to give up one or the other.

Hooded short sleeve shirts that are personalized are some of the coolest uniforms for basketball. You have complete freedom to customize this shirt. Choose your team color, logo, and slogan, and we’ll print them on the shirts! That way, all your players can let the world know what team they play for and that you all mean business on the court. Just imagine the look on your competitor’s face when they see you in matching gear…

Our basketball sublimated hooded short sleeve shirt sets are the best on the market. And the best part is that they’re affordable! Here is what you get when you purchase our hooded short sleeve shirt:


  • All shirts are available in a wide range of sizes: from YXS to A4XL.
  • Our shirts are made from birdeye flatback mesh — an amazing fabric for sportswear.
  • We only buy our product from trusted suppliers. That way, we can guarantee quality every time.
  • Choose between set-in sleeves and raglan-cut sleeves.
  • Have the freedom to choose between an elastic bottom or a drawcord toggle closure.
  • Adjust the hood with the included drawstring!


When the weather is hot and your team is traveling, our basketball sublimated hooded short sleeve shirt is a great choice of attire. It combines comfort and style — not to mention that every player will look their best. Wearing this high-quality shirt will give any player a boost of confidence and make them give their best on the court.

If you want to take your team’s look to the next level, request a quote. We’ll give you a price for your project and can better explain our design process!