Sublimated Basketball Shooting Shirts

Our line of  Sublimated Basketball Shooting Shirts is here to change the way your team warms up, travels, and looks for the games. If your team doesn’t already own custom-made basketball shooting shirts, now is the time to invest in them. They will push your team’s look to the next level and make them stand out wherever they go.

The fabric used to make these Sublimated Basketball Shooting Shirts is carefully picked. We want to create shirts that are both comfortable and stylish — so we did! When you’re warming up or on the court playing, it’s important that you feel comfortable. The materials we use lets your skin breathe easily, which means you won’t feel too sweaty by the end of the game. We also choose fabrics that are soft on the skin, so you don’t itch at all during the match.

All this is done without compromising your team’s look. When you get one of our Sublimated Basketball Shooting Shirts you are in complete control of the final look. You tell us your design vision, and we execute it by creating an appealing and unique shirt. You’ll have complete freedom to decide what color the shirt is and what design is on it. This is the perfect chance to get all the players matching shirts that are personalized with each person’s name on them!


  • We carry all sizes from YXS to A5XL.
  • Our Sublimated Basketball Shooting Shirts come in two styles: crew and V-neck — you choose!
  • You can get these shooting shirts in a short-sleeve style or in a long-sleeve style.
  • We carry shooting shirts in both set-in and raglan sleeve cuts.
  • You can opt between open-bottom and banded-cuff sleeves.
  • We only use high-quality fibers from providers we trust. Our single side standard sublimated basketball uniform fabric is made of smooth microfiber interlock or of birdseye flatback mesh.
  • All Sublimated Basketball Shooting Shirts are ready to be shipped in three to four weeks.


The next time you need to travel with your team, you can do so in style with these basketball sublimated shooting shirts. Even if you’re warming up before you start playing, you can do so in these shirts. They’re the perfect match between comfort and style — ideal for any ambitious team.