Analyst Jay Williams is all of us as he walks off the ‘First Take’ set

No need to get into what exactly the “First Take” crew on ESPN was attempting to yell at one another about.

They do what they do. Something something about Kawhi Leonard being better or worse than Kobe Bryant at basketball, or maybe just clutch shooting. It gets murky what is being debated.

We’re focused on what host Max Kellerman said and how it so deeply bothered Stephen A. Smith and guest Jay Williams.

Williams is usually on more objective, less hot-takey shows, and this territory clearly was uncomfortable to him on Tuesday morning.

After Kellerman called Leonard better than Bryant at something, Williams first needed to step away from his seat.

Deep breaths. Stretch. Calm. Namaste.

But after returning to his seat, Williams can only attempt to remain at peace for so long.

The master of very strange and loud opinions, Stephen A. appears to be the rational human being here by getting Kellerman to argue himself in circles. Meanwhile, Williams finally just stops the conversation.

“Stephen A., Stephen A. — don’t,” Williams said while looking at his phone.

And that’s when he pulls the most boss move possible, completely leaving the set while muttering, “I’m not going to do it. I’m going to go. I can’t talk about that.”

He leaves the buffoons to continue their argument. We are all leaving that ESPN set with Jay Williams.