Suns fan takes opportunity to dunk on Lakers fans during ‘protest’

Ah, what a time to be alive when the Lakers of Los Angeles are more incompetent than the Phoenix Suns.

When the Phoenix Suns signed Monty Williams to a five-year deal while Williams was in talks to become the head coach of the Lakers, the initial reports were the Lakers hadn’t offered Williams the job yet.

Did Williams really choose the Suns over the Lakers? Surely not! Well, it turns out he did. Plus, the man the Lakers reportedly were planning to hire anyway (Tyronn Lue) is no longer in talks with the organization.

That, on top of Magic Johnson’s bizarrely wonderful departure and missing the playoffs with the best basketball player in the known universe LeBron James, has the Lakers in a strange state of disarray.

The result of that was a “protest” staged by fans outside of Staples Center Friday, and we had to use air quotes on that bad boy because not many folks showed up.

This essentially gift-wrapped a golden opportunity to Suns fans to dunk on Lakers fans.

This dude took that opportunity.

“I’m out here because to finally see a front office in more disarray than the Phoenix Suns — especially when it’s the Lakers, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bring joy to my heart,” the gentleman said, noting it was fun to watch.