The many funny things about Mike Bercovici’s parking ticket

Arizona State’s football program just announced the hiring of offensive graduate assistant Mike Bercovici last week.

It didn’t take long for the former Sun Devil quarterback and all-around well-liked dude to receive a rude welcome back to his alma mater.

Bercovici got hit by the school’s parking police with a hefty $15 fine for failure to pay the meter.

But there were quite a few levels to this happening.

For one, who is out here at 8:19 on a Monday morning handing out fines when school is out for the summer?

Perhaps someone trying to teach a lesson in humility, some Twitter users like ASU offensive coordinator Rob Likens surmised.

Indeed, rolling in a Range Rover with a custom license plate reading your own nickname requires some high head-holding. Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff, who competed in the Pac-12 during Bercovici’s time, took a friendly jab at the ASU grad assistant.

If taking a really violent hit to start his AAF career and Monday’s minor parking citation didn’t humble Bercovici up, it seems that few things can.

Berco, keep doing you in your (channels YG voice) all-white Range.