Wilmer Flores as Chewbacca is the highlight of D-backs Star Wars Night

Wilmer Flores as Chewbacca? David Peralta as Anakin Skywalker?

Fans who attended Saturday’s D-backs game against the Atlanta Braves were treated to the full Star Wars experience, from stormtroopers on the field before the game to Arizona’s starters being morphed into the series’ characters on the jumbotron.

Star Wars Night had its fair share of funny moments, but none more so than Flores as Chewbacca.

Just look for yourself:

Christian Walker was introduced as Christian “Sky” Walker before the game, a close second to Chewbacca Flores.

Other good Star Wars character morphs were Eduardo Escobar as Poe Dameron and Ketel Marte as Finn.