A team sport is all about the team, obviously. So why not make your whole look as a team more coherent and look even more professional? Starting out with some sublimated baseball jackets & team apparel is the first step in rebranding your team. Even if you’re competing at the amateur level, you can upgrade your look to professional. Not only will this make you stand out, but this will also give you more confidence to smash the rival team.

Custom-made, team-coordinated baseball uniforms are perfect for every team out there that wants to be taken more seriously. First impressions matter, and once the rival teams see you and your teammates get to the field wearing unique sublimated baseball uniforms, they will instantly know to respect you more. It also makes for great team photos that you can keep and treasure forever.

But the realm of matching apparel doesn’t end there. We have also come up with the perfect travel apparel for you and your teammates. These warm sublimated jackets, hoodies, and polos are great to wear if you have to go to another team’s baseball field to play. They are super comfortable, will protect you from the elements even in the winter, and will make for a great entrance once you get to your rival team’s field or locker room.

Because we want all teams to have the chance to look their best, we are giving you full creative freedom to come up with a design for your sublimated baseball jackets & team apparel, if you want to do so. All you have to do is put your vision to paper, send it to us, and wait for a confirmation. If we give you the go-ahead, our highly skilled and experienced team will start preparing your order.

Here is what you can expect from us and our baseball uniforms, as well as other team apparel:


  • They are all available in YXXS — A4XL
  • They are ready to ship within three to four weeks

This sublimated baseball jackets & team apparel is available for all kinds of teams. After all, everyone can (and should!) love America’s pastime! Our wide range of styles ensures that both all-girls and all-boys teams can order their very own apparel. The fact that we also sell these pieces in a lot of different sizes means that they’re available to people of all ages. We even stock a whole line fully dedicated to Little League baseball uniforms!