We have taken the classic baseball jersey look and revamped it with our sublimated 2 button baseball jerseys. This gives the infamous style most people are familiar with a more interesting and unique touch. Like with all of our sublimated baseball jerseys, you have complete freedom to customize yours. Play around with colors and designs if you don’t find a look you love on our page. Our highly skilled and experienced design team will get to work to make your vision come true.

Wearing a unique, custom-made baseball jersey will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. There is something exhilarating about attending your favorite team’s match with a bunch of your friends all wearing matching personalized jerseys.

Sporting your very own team-coordinated sublimated baseball jerseys is also an unforgettable experience. Even if you play at the amateur level and do it for the thrill of it, there’s still something very special about pretending you’re at the professional level. Very few amateur teams have their custom-made sublimated 2-button baseball jerseys, so this would be the time to start wearing yours! Our Little League baseball uniforms are a great place to start…

You can choose one of the many designs we offer on our site or, if you want something a little more unique, you can send us your design! Once you have the perfect uniform in mind, this is where Sublimated Sports Uniforms comes in. Our experienced and highly skilled design team will take over the production of your order. They will be the ones in charge of the sublimation printing process and will handle the technical part of your project.

Thanks to all this flexibility, you are bound to find the perfect sublimated 2 button baseball jerseys for you. We guarantee that all shirts we show on our site are:


  • Available in YXXS — A5XL
  • Made from either 100% smooth surface microfiber interlock polyester or from birdseye flatback mesh (you choose!)
  • Available in either set-in or raglan-cut sleeves
  • Ready to be shipped within three to four weeks

As you can see there are plenty of options of how you can wear your sublimated 2 button baseball jerseys. You can wear them as an avid baseball fan or as a player in an ambitious amateur team. Whether you opt for one of the designs showcased on our website or want something more unique to your team, Sublimated Sports Uniforms is the place to place your order.