Sublimated v-neck baseball jerseys are some of the coolest looking and appealing baseball items. They can come in a variety of colors and designs, all to fit your personal or team preferences. Their classic cut with a twist (the v-neck opening) makes this one of the best selling items on our site — and one of the most popular jerseys out there.

All fans out there would definitely benefit from adding one of our sublimated v-neck baseball jerseys to their collection. Unlike the cheaply made and affordable versions you can find at virtually any store that sells sports attire, our sublimated baseball uniforms are high quality and will last you way more than just a season.

Wearing a custom-made baseball jersey has lots of perks. For starters, you will stand out among all the fans and look distinguished. Since you get the freedom to choose what design and colors you want on your jersey, no one else will have one just like yours. How is that for showing your love for the sport?

Amateur teams can also get any of our sublimated baseball uniforms at a very special price. We make custom-made high-quality uniforms for all teams, no matter the gender or age. If you have an all-girls team, we have what you’re looking for. If you’re training children to play America’s pastime, our Little League baseball uniforms will help you make them look sharp and serious. Even if you can’t find something you’d like, you can always get in touch with us and we’ll see what can be arranged!

Besides believing that sublimated baseball uniforms should cost a fortune, we believe that comfort and style can go hand in hand. This is why we create all our jerseys from the best materials and use the sophisticated sublimation printing process. Thanks to these two things, you can trust that our sublimated v-neck baseball jerseys are:


  • Available in YXXS — A5XL
  • Available in set-in or raglan-cut sleeves
  • Made from either 100% smooth surface microfiber interlock polyester or from the birdseye flatback mesh (you choose!)
  • Shipped to your doorstep in three to four weeks


These awesome, affordable sublimated baseball uniforms are waiting for you. Are you going to pass up on this opportunity?